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Korean Journal of Bone Metabolism 2007;14(2):133-139.
Vitamin D Perception Gap Survey Between Postmenopausal Women with Osteoporosis and Physicians
골다공증 폐경 여성에서 골다공증 치료 시 비타민 D에 대한 환자와 의사의 인식도 차이 조사
중앙대학교 용산병원 산부인과학교실
The purpose of this study was to evaluate gap of the vitamin D perception level between postmenopausal women and physicians in the treatment of osteoporosis.
This study investigates the perception levels of 400 postmenopausal women and 50 physicians, important factors for bone health, frequency about talking about Vitamin D at consultation, initiation a discussion about the importance of Vitamin D, recommendation of Vitamin D, compliance of administration of Vitamin D and barriers to compliance in taking Vitamin D. Data was collected with questionnaire and analysed.
About bone health, physicians thought exercise was the most important factor, next to Vitamin D and calcium. In other way, patients thought Vitamin D was less important among Vitamin D, calcium, and exercise. About frequency of consultation about Vitamin D, both of physicians and patients talked about Vitamin D less frequently compared with calcium, and 18% of physicians, 13% of patients started to talk about importance of Vitamin D first of all. According to these finding, we knew they had low level of perception of Vitamin D compared with calcium. During consultation, physicians recommended supplementary drugs contained with Vitamin D for the most part as Vitamin D supplementary method and physician thought 26% of patients took Vitamin D supplement. In fact, 21% of patient took. In taking Vitamin D supplement, physicians answered it was poor compliance of taking Vitamin D because of low level of perception about Vitamin D importance, whereas it showed low compliance for taking Vitamin D supplement due to forgetting taking supplement.
These findings suggest that the rates of Vitamin D administration of postmenopausal women in the management of osteoporosis is a low level because of a low level of physicians and postmenopausal women's perception of the importance of Vitamin D. Therefore the education and information about Vitamin D are contributable to the
Key Words: Gap survey, Osteoporosis, Vitamin D


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