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Original Article
Serum Bisphenol A Concentration in Postmenopausal Women with Osteoporosis
Dong Hyun Kim, Chi Hyuk Oh, Yoo-Chul Hwang, In-Kyung Jeong, Kyu Jeong Ahn, Ho-Yeon Chung, Jae-Suk Chang
J Bone Metab. 2012;19(2):87-93.   Published online November 16, 2012
View: 3280   Download: 20  Citations: 14
The Effects of Extracellular pH on Proliferation and Differentiation of human Bone Marrow Stem Cells
J Bone Metab. 2012;19(1):35-46.
View: 1279   Download: 17
Routine Application of the Korean FRAX Model in Women: a Single-center Study
J Bone Metab. 2012;19(1):29-34.
View: 1165   Download: 5
Review Article
New Avenues in the LRP5-mediated Bone Mass Acquisition
J Bone Metab. 2012;19(1):1-9.
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Original Article
The Association between the Bone Mineral Density and Spinal Osteoarthritis in Osteoporotic Thoracolumbar Compression Fractures
J Bone Metab. 2011;18(2):119-124.
View: 1187   Download: 9
Relationship between Bone Mineral Density, Erythropoiesis, and Calcium-Phosphorus-Parathyroid Hormone Status in End-stage Renal Disease Patients
J Bone Metab. 2011;18(2):93-99.
View: 1167   Download: 14
The Association between Components of the Metabolic Syndrome and Bone Mineral Density
육진성,조금준,진찬희,이경욱,김 탁,허준용,김선행,신정호*
J Bone Metab. 2011;18(1):55-64.
View: 1203   Download: 11
Microarray Analysis of Gene Expression During Differentiation of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells Treated with Vitamin E in vitro into Osteoblasts
J Bone Metab. 2011;18(1):23-32.
View: 1029   Download: 15
J Bone Metab. 2011;18(1):15-21.
View: 909   Download: 6
Bone Regeneration from Adipose Stem Cells
J Bone Metab. 2011;18(1):1-8.
View: 1027   Download: 21
Analysis of Bone Mineral Density, Life Style and Diet of Men in the North of Gyeonggi-do
J Bone Metab. 2010;17(2):95-101.
View: 1082   Download: 3
Bone Mineral Density Differences of both Hips in Women with Knee Osteoarthritis over the Age of 65
J Bone Metab. 2010;17(2):87-93.
View: 1112   Download: 10
Effect of Transforming Growth Factor-β and Bone Morphogenetic Protein on the Osteoclastogenesis
J Bone Metab. 2010;17(2):75-85.
View: 1022   Download: 4
The Relationship between Visfatin and Resistin Gene Polymorphisms with Bone Mineral Density in a Korean Population
J Bone Metab. 2010;17(1):39-47.
View: 1286   Download: 8
Study about Relationships between Young Age s Body Mass Index (BMI) and Postmenopausal BMI for Bone Mineral Density (BMD) in Postmenopausal Osteoporosis Patients
J Bone Metab. 2010;17(1):31-38.
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